Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions on how Upmarket works.
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What is Upmarket about?

Upmarket is an online coaching subscription that helps companies double revenue every 90 days. Unlike accelerators (dilutive and don't focus on B2B/SaaS), agencies (temporary and expensive) or hiring (It takes 2-3 years to hire a VP of Sales/Growth with high failure rate) our process is best suited to help companies accelerate their product-market fit and build a repeatable sales process for their product and market.

Who is this made for?

Upmarket works with 80+ busy B2B/SaaS CEOs, Heads of Sales and Execs from a variety of verticals. About 50% of our members are based in the U.S – with other members coming from countries like Germany, India, Malaysia and Australia. Watch the free demo now to get an overview on specific customer results or see our reviews page for more detailed customer video interviews.

How does it work?

Our 5-part system starts by digging into your Customer Beachhead to help deliver clarity and quick wins. After your beachhead is defined, you'll troubleshoot your sales conversations to increase win rates, deal size and decrease sales cycle time. Once you're converting at benchmark, we'll build systems to help you predictably generate new meetings and scale your growth operation. Because each company is unique, we offer members up to 12 months of coaching to customize this system to their situation. It's this customer-centric approach that's led to to significant transformations for our members. 

What is Sales Grader about?

The Sales Grader is a free tool we've developed to help startups diagnose their revenue bottleneck. SaaS companies prior to $5M ARR need to build a product and basic sales process that the rest of their company can be based around. Only when a system is in place does it make sense to focus on scaling product, sales and marketing. Take the free Sales Grader to compare your win rate, new meetings/month, and sales cycle to other companies with a similar deal size.

How does pricing work?

You can take the Free Sales Grader to better understand your sales process and get your customized pricing. After the assessment, you'll be given options on next steps for your unique situation. Our system works best for companies with at least one successful customer. If you have this, we can help you maximize your level of product-market fit and take the best next actions to add more value to your customers with your growth and sales process.

What's the mission?

As the number of new SaaS options grow exponentially (Blissfully 2019 SaaS Report) we believe everyone should have access to the best technology available. To do this, we're empowering new SaaS startups with the right systems, coaching and non-dilutive financing to help them generate cash – and realize their product vision.

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