The Traffic Light Calendar System To Get Sh** Done in Life and Business

How do some entrepreneurs and sales execs accomplish so much more than others?

They’ve got a system to get sh** done.

In this post, I show you the exact system I used that one of my first sales managers, the one and only Anders Storhaug, showed me years ago.

This system is part of the reason I was able to consistently close at least 2X as many deals as peers when I was a quota carrying SaaS sales rep. It’s a system, and even mindset, I carry with me to this day to make sure I’m focusing on revenue and growth as an entrepreneur.

I teach this as part of my full system that’s used by over 2,000 students in my online course that’s launched to rave reviews. While the course shows the full process to close 2X more deals and larger deals too, this post will give you the gist when it comes to managing your time when you’re responsible for closing business.

Let’s first take a step back and talk big picture.

More than ever, we’ve got an endless stream of slacks, texts, emails, tweets, cat videos on youtube and adorable puppies pics on instagram that can distract us from achieving our goals.

Pair this with the fact that each time we get distracted with [insert your version of a cute puppy pics] it takes us 15 minutes to regain complete focus.

Without a system to manage our time and distractions, we’re likely to produce at levels far below our potential.

Now you might be thinking “Chill out Juliana. Are you telling me I can’t troll cute puppies on Instagram anymore or veg out with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and watch ‘Game of Thones’?”

Absolutely not. That would make me a complete hypocrite as those are some of my favorite pastimes :)

What I’m saying is, make a plan for those pastimes and distractions otherwise they’ll takeover your day.

Make your distracting past times rewards so you get your priorities done.

If you don’t already have a system to manage your time, you can borrow the one I teach to sales execs and entrepreneurs. It’s called the Traffic Light System. Watch the video below to see how it works and as your watching, think about the different categories of tasks you perform during your day as a first step.

So how do I use this in my day-to-day now when my responsibilities are much broader and my business growth happens more through content than cold calling?

Let’s look again at my Monday below.

While I’ve blocked off stuff for privacy reasons, you’ll notice I’ll mark some meetings as green or “directly revenue generating” opportunities while others are “yellow” so I approach those conversations with a different mindset and level of preparation.

Looking at my calendar this way with time chunks of green, yellow and red tells me if I’m setting myself up to hit the revenue goals I’m aiming for. If I don’t have enough green on my calendar, it’s a dead give away I won’t be growing as aggressively that month and I need to step up my game.

Now, some of you might be thinking, “Oh no, Juliana. I’m different. I don’t need a system. I’m a great multi tasker.” I’ve got news for you: your multi-tasking habits are killing your effectiveness (and your vibe).

When we multi-task, our productivity goes down by 40% and our IQ’s drop by 10 points according to this HBR article. Basically, when we multi task we might as well have just smoked a fat blunt before trying to accomplish that task.

Ironically, multi tasking actually feels like we’re accomplishing a lot but we’re really not because we’re simply just not there, some scientists say it’s the equivalent of being high or running on no sleep.

Now, I’d love to hear from you below:  What tools, systems or strategies do you recommend to stay focused and achieve your goals? And for bonus points, tell me what’s your version of cute puppy pics on instagram?

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