How Vishal Went from 90% to Consistent 130% Quota Attainment and Enterprise Sales Leader

In this interview, Vishal Arya discusses his journey from 90% to consistent 130% quota attainment as well as going from individual contributor to manager leading a enterprise sales team.

A few interview highlights:

Background on Vishal - After applying and getting into the Provide program, Vishal was able to go from 90% to 130% attainment which he maintain for over a year before transitioning to a leader role. Based on this performance, Vishal made a case to transition into a new sales manager position. He currently leads a team of two AEs and a BDR.

Asking the right questions - Vishal was able to apply Provide's practical questioning approach. Doing so was awkward at first, but eventually became second nature after the positive reactions he got from buyers.

From IC to leader - From a monetary perspective, individual contributors, especially those achieving in access to quota do outearn managers. Despite the decrease in expected earnings that happens from moving to a manager role, Vishal made a personal decision based on his future goals as well as joy for coaching and systems thinking.

How sales is changing - Over the past 4 years, Vishal notes how marketing, positioning and messaging advantages can erode very quickly. Any advantage your innovative approach may have will get competed away by products which may not have the same capabilities as your solution, yet can be made to appear similar on the outside.

Domain expertise - To differentiate in a competitive marketplace, domain expertise along with the confidence and skills he learned from Provide are the way Vishal sees companies can differentiate. Rather than just the product, the customer experience you provide buyers happens first and can be just as valuable.

We're looking forward to seeing Vishal's continued success and how far he goes in his career!

P.S. Sorry for the wifi quality of this video. The connection wasn't as good as we'd hoped, but the content is still good!

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