How This Ex-Googler Increased His Bookings by 500%, Becoming the #1 Sales Exec at His Company

In this interview, Laris and I unpack his journey from former Google Sales Executive to selling at an unknown company (maybe you can relate?).

A few interview highlights:

- Former Google employee - Laris was a former Google employee who always sold having the strength of Google behind him.

- Startup chaos- While he didn't expect things to be perfect, at his startup he quickly realized there was no process in place - so he had to figure things out on his own.

- 500% more meetings - Laris talks about how the process he learned from Provide enabled him to book 5X more meetings than his peers.

- $20,000/week in closed pilots - Due to the nature of Laris's sale - pilots were a key part of the process and the main part of the sale he could control. Using the strategies and tactics learned in the program, Laris started  closing $20k/week in pilot deals.

- Exceeded his $800,000 quota - Laris ended out the year as the only person on his team to exceed their $800k quota and became the #1 rep at his company.

- Now leading strategy - Through the experience, Laris gained the know-how and track record to position himself for a more strategic leadership role at a growing firm in LA.

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