How Angela went from 90% to 189% Quota Helping Internal Legal Teams Adopt Better Systems

In this interview, Angela Woods and I unpack her journey from 90% to 189% quota attainment and getting into the President's Club at her company.

Interview Highlights:

- The Legal Business - Background on how the legal space is constantly evolving with 180,000 session laws being passed each year just within the U.S. The modern legal department wants to stay away from the reputation of being the "Department of No" from individual practices to Fortune 500 legal departments.

- Sales as An Agent of Change - While there's a minor cost to making your buyer briefly uncomfortable by asking the hard questions, Angela shares how it's making her buyers better because of it. She goes into how she adapted her conversations to help internal legal teams understand the consequences of not changing and getting stuck in the status quo. 

- Email Outreach Tips - How Angela structures and adds images to her email outreach to get the attention of her buyers and fill her calendar with quality meetings. 

- How Sales is Changing - Observing the way sales has changed in the past 15 years, Angela observes that buyers today are more savvy and increasingly making decisions in larger groups. The speed of change has increased both in competition, but also within corporate legal departments who need to keep innovating in order to stay ahead. 

- Background on Angela - Angela Woods is a high-achieving student of sales with background consulting buyers in recruiting, services and SaaS. Angela implemented the learnings from Provide with a new product she was selling the following year achieving 189% of quota. She received an award that put her as a top performer out of over 1,000 others at her company and a President's Club trip to celebrate with her husband.

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