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How Vishal Went from 90% to Consistent 130% Quota Attainment and Enterprise Sales Leader

In this customer interview, Vishal Arya discusses his journey from 90% to consistent 130% quota attainment as well as going from individual contributor to manager leading a new enterprise sales team.

How This Ex-Googler Increased His Bookings by 500%, Becoming the #1 Sales Exec at His Company

In this customer interview, Laris discusses his journey from ex-Google employee overachieving his quota to selling at an unknown startup (maybe you can relate?).

7 Steps This Product CEO Took to Grow Revenue 450% in 12 Months

In this interview, we unpack Skore's journey from raising a seed round to getting the first customers and now to a quickly growing team of 20+ employees.

How to Sell Into Any Fortune 500 with This LinkedIn Hack

Selling an enterprise product into a major brand is a different game than SMB. Sometimes all the emails, cold calls, tweets, and inMails in the world still won’t get the attention of key contacts at that Fortune 500 account. Here are some tactics to help.

The Traffic Light Calendar System To Get Sh** Done in Life and Business

How do some entrepreneurs and sales execs accomplish so much more than others? With the Traffic Light Calendar system for productivity.

How to Create Urgency in Sales Using the "FOMO Button"

We all have a massive FOMO Button that needs to be pushed to get us to come to decisions faster. Learn how to figure out the FOMO buttons of prospective leads and strategically apply pressure to them at the right time.

3 Takeaways to Increase Your Close Rate Based on 72,326 Sales Calls Analyzed

Increase your close rate with data from over 70,000+ B2B SaaS sales calls, courtesy of the Gong.io data science team.

That time I was a deal blocker

And how a salesperson could have persuasively neutralized my deal blocking mindset.

How Angela went from 90% to 189% Quota Helping Internal Legal Teams Adopt Better Systems

In this interview, Angela Woods and I unpack her journey from 90% to 189% quota attainment and getting into the President's Club at her company.